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Work With Me

Premium One-on-One Coaching

As your coach, my role is to help you map out the path you need to take in order to reach your vision of optimal health and wellness, one step at a time. I offer education, accountability and motivation to stay the course. I am your biggest cheerleader! My goal is to empower you so that it is possible to navigate life’s surprises, celebrations, and challenges, and still stay on track. As your health and wellness improve, everything in your life improves.
We are on this journey together. In order to use our gifts for their highest purpose, we must strive to be our best every day. Once we live that, we are able to encourage others to do the same.

Small Group Coaching

Would one habit change transform your life? My 90-Day Habit Change Program is perfect when you know what to do, yet aren’t quite able to accomplish the goal. Habits take an average of 66 days to change, give or take a few. Within a small community of your friends, we do it together and have fun along the way.

  • Start a new habit or drop an existing habit—food, fitness, personal development, etc. You choose the habit!
  • Small group coaching with an individual touch
  • Form your own virtual community with 3 or 4 friends
  • Recorded community Zoom calls with me once a week to check in
  • Personal reminders about your habit
  • Weekly theme challenge
  • Fun accountability with results
  • $97 per month per participant
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