Skin Care

Most people equate the foods they eat with their health.  For example, a diet consisting largely of sugar and processed foods, but few fresh fruits and vegetables, would not typically be thought of as healthy.  On occasion, this type of eating is not a big deal.  Chosen day after day, month after month, it may result in some negative health effects.

Have you ever wondered about the products you choose to put on your skin?  Whether the product is hand cream or lipstick, shampoo or face wash, the skin absorbs the product in 26 seconds.  So, does the content of any product that touches your skin matter to your overall health?  Yes!

When it comes to learning about healthier choices, educating yourself on skin care is as important as regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a balanced diet.  It is part of a lifestyle that is geared toward taking pro-active steps to have more energy and feel good about facing each day.

If you are seeking health and wellness products, or perhaps a delicious protein powder that is also vegan-certified and free of harmful ingredients, please contact me. We will put together a basic plan to help you live with less chemicals in your life!