Focus on One

Change one thing that would benefit your overall health and stick with it for at least 30 days.  For example, let’s say that you do not exercise on a regular basis and you know you would have more energy if you did.  Commit to doing some activity you enjoy on a regular basis, like taking a walk each day for a designated period of time.  Or, slowly cut back on a poor food or drink choice, until you have exchanged it for a better one, or at least cut it back to a healthier intake level.  Decide to do something for YOU!

Often I meet a people who are so overwhelmed with life that it is difficult for them to know where to begin making better choices.  It is a challenge, especially when it seems as if you need to start at the beginning with everything from food to relationships!  By choosing to change only one thing at a time, you set yourself up to be successful.  That one thing will become a better habit and you won’t need to focus on it with as much energy as time goes on.  Once you have mastered it, pick the next “one” thing that you would like to improve on.