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“You built trust in our relationship. I could easily talk with you, and was comfortable. I connected with you on many levels. I am an emotional person. There are few people that I connect with emotionally, but I felt that connection with you immediately. It was always such a relief to me that you have a deeper understanding. For me, health is much more than a body that looks good. As a dancer, I worked with many women who looked good on the outside, but they were starving themselves…. that can’t be good! I believe that it is mental, spiritual, and physical. It is not just how we look, but how we feel. You understood that!! Throughout my career, I will try to share what you have taught me. I feel blessed that I get to work with young girls. Hopefully I can reach out like you do to so many. Thanks so much Carol!! You are a life changer.”

“Another HUGE thank you to Carol Ash Slager for being a perfect source of knowledge and inspiration from the get go. It is great to have such a credible and realistic approach to health and wellness in our community.”
Andrew Hansen, Personal Trainer at Region Strength Crossfit

“Carol’s suggestion to change only one thing or practice one habit at a time really works (like exercising), especially for five minutes to start with. It’s easy. Once it becomes a habit, adding more time is not difficult at all.”
Carol W.

“Thanks for the great presentation at yesterday’s nutrition seminar for seniors. Everyone who attended the seminar really liked it, especially the interaction between you and the attendees . . . I’ve heard nothing but positive comments . . . hats off, for a job well-done!”
John Bobalik, Fitness Center Director
Purdue University Northwest

“Thank you, Carol — you’ve helped my mindset so much in regards to food with all the posts and ideas.. it’s inspired and motivated me so much that I have jumped right into two other challenges to keep me going on the right track!”  Valerie 

“Carol is a wonderful Health & Wellness Coach. Her previous profession as a pharmacist really helps her to understand how food effects health at all levels. Understanding that diets are short-lived and don’t provide the desired long-terms benefits, Carol works with you to identify and implement simple but compounding life-style changes that lead to you having the results of increased health and vibrancy necessary for a healthy life and business.”
Elena Zanfei, Invision Coaching

“I really appreciate the way Carol listens, sends me emails, and motivates me by her example. With her guidance and support, I have figured out the steps I need to take to live a happier, healthier life with my family.”

“If you want to know a little about how to eat right and live well, look no further! Carol is a walking billboard for herself. She practices and lives the life she coaches clients to have as well. I have used her services myself and I regularly send clients to her workshops. I would definitely recommend you give her a try for all your health and wellness coaching and accountability needs!”
Dr. Robert Newhalfen, Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health

“Carol’s passion for wellness and the betterment of your life is so contagious. I believe “owning health” no matter what it takes is key and Carol shows us just how to do that!”
Deb V.

“Carol presented in a relaxed and approachable manner, and shared realistic suggestions to the group.”
Michelle Clauss, SPHR
Associate Director Employee Development, Human Resources
Purdue University Northwest

“I believe that Carol will be successful at anything she does. Her driving force is genuinely wanting to help people become the best version of themselves. She is an uplifting nutrition coach who will meet you where you are and provide a plan and support as you take your new journey into a healthier you. Her credentials more than qualify her in her field. You can’t help but love and respect Carol!”
Alyse Houghton

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