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It is my choice as I greet the day,
To extend a heart filled with warmth
And a smile of compassion.

It is my choice to affirm more,
Condemn less, be humble,
Accept those who are different. 

It is my choice to still any anger,
Pray first, speak second,
Forgive and let go. 

It is my choice to lend an ear of empathy
To a grieving friend,
And carry the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. 

It is my choice to send a note,
Make the call, say thank you,
Appreciate everything. 

It is my choice to plant the flowers,
Share my joy,
And let God take care of the weeds. 

It is my choice to acknowledge that there is purpose
To everyone and everything,
Yet I see only a piece of the panoramic view. 

It is my choice to encourage and love,
Giving life the best of me,
To best make a difference in my world.

at table

loved ones gather
‘round table of wood
prayer given in thanks
no matter the food

at times we feast
on turkey or roast
at times we eat simply
some tea and some toast

at table the stories
and laughter abound
as time spent together
makes memories sound

traditions created
year upon year
special days marked by food
and loved ones so dear

at table we share
what the day brought about
after coffee and cake
no longer a pout

loved ones gather
‘round table of wood
all served with love
no matter the food

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