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About Carol Slager

Hi and welcome to Inkwell!

Have you ever felt like you needed to make a change, but you didn’t know exactly what or how or even when?  Yes, me too.

One of those happened to me after spending over twenty-five years behind a pharmacy counter, wearing a coat with big pockets so I would always have a pen handy to take down the next prescription over the phone.file3061340932147

Over twenty-five years of trying my very best to help the patients that walked through the big doors way in the front of the store get well–and stay that way.  Medications helped for infections and other disease states, but so many times, I knew there was a better way.  Can’t sleep?  How much coffee do you drink?  Eat chocolate at night?  Do you get any exercise?  Have any close friends to talk to?  How do you spend your free time?

Isn’t there a pill that will help me drop these pesky ten pounds?  If there were, I wouldn’t be enjoying my twenty-ninth year of a gym membership.  (Shouldn’t I be able to go for free by now?)  I raised two sons who are fun to be around and other than the grocery store, the playroom at the gym is where they went the most–until they started school.

I had to make a change.  My passion for health and wellness had to reach beyond the pharmacy counter, so I traded my life of discussing side effects to discussing side dishes and better workout habits and how to live healthier, one day at a time.

As of today, I have spent over thirty years serving the public in the health and wellness industry:  as a retail pharmacist, Arbonne consultant, health and wellness coach.  A few of my favorite things include gardening imperfectly (weeds grow better than my tomatoes), writing poetry, Lake Michigan, and enjoying simple times with family and friends–accompanied by lots of delicious food!

My favorite non-profit organization is Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana, of which I am a past board member.  The earlier girls learn how important it is to eat well and move around, the better chance they have of developing these habits for life.

I love my church community, St. Michael’s, and help with Bible study and other activities throughout the year.  And for any of you Cursillistas reading this…DeColores!

An interesting side note:  my fabulous husband of thirty-three years is rather noncompliant when it comes to food.  He is a big fan of Chicago style hot dogs and likes ice cream with chocolate syrup and bananas.  He keeps me grounded.  He is my rock.  My dog likes him best.                                                    banana split

Thanks for joining me not to diet, but to enjoy life and food together!


About Inkwell

As your health and wellness coach, my role is to help you map out the path you need to take in order to reach your vision of optimal health and wellness, one step at a time. I offer education, accountability and motivation to stay the course.  I am your biggest cheerleader! My goal is to empower you. As your health and wellness improve, everything in your life improves. What value do you place on that truth?

Oh, and how did I come up with the name Inkwell? I enjoy writing poems, essays and stories. When I first started writing, there were no computers; the options available were ink on paper or a typewriter. Combining my passion for writing and wellness, Inkwell was born.

We are all on this journey together. In order to use our gifts for their highest purpose, we must strive to be our best every day. Once we live that, we are able to encourage others to do the same.

Friends helping friends live well.”




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